As per the relevant sections of the Factories Act-1948, and the Rule 10 of MSIHC Rules, the occupier of a hazardous process industry, has the responsibility to submit a Safety Audit Report prepared by an external agency (3rd Party) having expertise in the field of Occupational Health and Safety. The safety audit report needs to be updated once in every twelve months and the copy of the same is forwarded to the Director of Factories.
  • It provides an in-depth review of workplace safety programs with focus on existence and implementation of systems and procedures
  • It is also a recognized tool for hazard identification in the areas of work injury, fire and occupational health hazards.
  • It provides insight into special studies relevant and specific to the factory being audited.
  • It assesses a company’s compliance with applicable statutory regulations and the Codes of Safety practices, conditions in the workplace.

Although the Factories Rules of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh do not mention about the requirements for the Safety Auditors, Factories Rules of some states (example Maharashtra and Karnataka) specify the following –

  • Degree in branch of Chemical/Mechanical/Electrical/ Production Engineering with 5 Years’ experience (Plus) Industrial Safety Course from any State Board of Technical Education / AICTE/ Recognized University


  • Diploma in branch of Chemical/Mechanical/Electrical/ Production Engineering with 7 Years’ experience (Plus) Industrial Safety Course  from any State Board of Technical Education / AICTE / Recognized University


  • Sc. (Physics / Chemistry) with 10 Years’ experience* +(Plus) Industrial Safety Course*** from any State Board of Technical Education / AICTE/ Recognized University


  • Degree / Diploma in any branch of engg. and having fifteen years of experience in Factory Inspectorate or Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health or fifteen years of experience in the DGFASLI or RLI or NSC in the capacity of Assistant Director or above.

 (experience in manufacturing/maintenance/design/project or safety department in the supervisory or above capacity in factories)

( Source from 1) Maharashtra Factories (Safety Audit) Rules, 2014; Karnataka Factories (SafetyAudit) Rules, 2015;

 the course shall be of one-year full time regular, certificate to be issued by State Board of Technical Education & Training of any state government / AICTE / Recognized University

Audit Protocol
  • Indian Standard 14489:1998 has been relied up on to device Audit strategy and audit questionnaire

Audit Methodology

  • Opening meeting with Officials of the Plant – Objectives and Methodology will be explained
  • The audit team will observe the operational facilities and collect information from records with respect to Safe Operating Procedures collect information from records
  • At the end of the audit, again the officials will brief the Plant Officials
  • Report Preparation

CONNECT IT (INDUSTRIAL TRAINING) SOLUTIONS is a leading industrial training institution and service provider in Occupational Safety & Health in the State of Telangana and erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. It was established in the year 2009, with a team of experts in the area of Occupational safety and health.

ConnectIT Solutions is affiliated to State Board of Technical Education and Training, Govt. of Telangana for academic courses in Occupational Safety like one year Industrial Safety Course (appropriate qualification envisaged for Safety officer under Section 41-B of The Factories Act,1948), Fire & Construction Safety Course, Chemical Safety Supervisor Course and Construction Safety course.

ConnectIT Solutions is also approved by DGFASLI, Ministry of Labor, Government of India, to conduct 3-month Part time / 1-month Full time training course for “SUPERVISORS WORKING IN HAZARDOUS PROCESS INDUSTRIES” to comply with qualification and competency requirements under Section the section 41-C of the Factories Act, 1948 and Rule 61(SC)f of the AP/TS Factories Rules, 1950

Contribution in the area of OSH
  • The Institution is proud to place on record its achievement of having enabled more than 700 aspiring technical personnel to acquire the eligibility qualification for appointment as Safety Officers in Industrial establishments. All those who passed out since the inception of the course in the Institution found good placement in various organizations including MNC’s across the country.
  • The Institution so far, has conducted Chemical Safety Supervisor Courses for 20 batches in which more than 1000 supervisors employed in various hazardous process industries, including MNC’s were trained.  This chemical supervisory course is mandated by the section 41C of the Factories Act, and also under Rule 61(SC)f of the AP/TS Factories Rules, 1950
  • The Institution in the last decade has conducted around 100 free training programs / awareness programs on Occupational Health and Safety in association with M/s Andhra Pradesh Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation Limited (APITCO)
  • Connect IT also conducted around 100+ safety audits, in various industrial establishments, in the State of Telangana during the last one decade.
  • Connect IT Solutions has full-fledged training facilities like AC Training Halls and a collection of a variety of PPE and Fire Safety Related equipment for display and use for demonstration / hands-on training, Located in One-acre Area.
  • The Institution is supported by a strong team of Occupational Health and Safety experts with rich experience of over 40 years in Industry and OHS profession having retired from national organizations like Central Labor Institute / DGFASLI / National Safety Council /Nuclear Fuel Complex and other reputed organizations in the country. They are acknowledged in Industry for their expertise not only in academic and need-based OSH training but also in carrying out Safety Audits, directing and assisting in HAZOP Studies, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA), Review / Preparation of On-site Emergency Plans.
  • Hence, the Connect IT Solutions is well equipped and competent in undertaking educational programmes, training, studies, surveys and audits in the areas of occupational safety and health.
Why Connect IT team for auditing?
  • In today’s competitive world, industrial establishments have realized the importance of Health and Safety not only as a tool of reducing accidents and promoting safety and health at workplace but also in improving operational efficiency and bottom line.
  • Connect IT is an acknowledged, competent Institution in the State of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, which utilizes the services of qualified auditors with long of experience in the field of OSH who can analyze and assess the safety standard and offer appropriate and practicable recommendations for enhancing OSH levels.
  • For more details please contact Mr. Ravi Bharath Reddy Vanga, +91 99632 20066; Mr. Nagaraju Peddoju, +91 99632 26333
We are in the Field of
Fire Safety audit is an effective tool for assessing fire safety status in industry, laboratories, office, hotel, malls, hospitals, schools etc. The audit helps to identify the areas for improvement in fire safety measures in fire prevention, protection and mitigation system in case of fire. The audit provides an action plan which is a useful for fire prevention and mitigation and emergency preparedness. ConnectIT conducts Fire Safety Audit as per The Factories Act, the Petroleum Act, the Electricity Act & the Indian Electricity Rules & National Building Code of India, TS/AP Fire Service acts and other relevant safety standards.
Electrical Safety Audit is applicable for Industries, Power sector, Service sectors such as IT Parks, Hotels and Telecommunications. ConnectIT is conducting Electrical audit as per The Electricity Act and the Indian Electricity Rules and related standards.
ConnectIT conducts Construction Audits as per the BOCW Act and Rules, National Building Code of India, 2005, the Electricity Act & the Indian Electricity Rules and other relevant Construction Audit evaluates : Management System, Safety Organization and Committees, HSE Awareness and Training, Work Permit Systems, Medical Facilities and First Aid, Incident Reporting & Analysis and Emergency Preparedness / Response plan. Safety in Excavation, Blasting, Piling, Scaffolding, Working at Height, Formwork and Concreting, Material Handling, Grinding, Welding & Gas Cutting, Plant & Machinery, Electrical Safety, Fire Protection, House Keeping, Occupational Health & Hygiene, Environment Management.
Our Esteemed Clients
  • M/s AGI Glaspac Limited, Bhonagir Unit
  • M/s AGI Glaspac Limited, Sanath Nagar Unit
  • M/s Andhra Organics Limited, Pydibheemavaram Unit
  • M/s APMET Engg. Limited, Bollarum Unit
  • M/s AR Dyno Mettaass Pvt Ltd, Vikarabad
  • M/s Arch Pharma Limited, Kazipally Unit
  • M/s Aurobindo Pharma Limited, Pydibheemavaram Unit
  • M/s Biocon Limited, Pashamylaram Unit
  • M/s Brunda Infra, Hyderabad
  • M/s Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, CTO Unit-I
  • M/s Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, CTO Unit-II
  • M/s Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, CTO Unit-III
  • M/s Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, CTO Unit-IV
  • M/s Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, FTO Unit-I
  • M/s Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, FTO Unit-II
  • M/s GTN Industries Limited, Patancheru Unit
  • M/s Hetero Labs Limited, Kazipally
  • M/s Hasitha Aromatics Pvt Ltd
  • M/s KRS Pharmaceuticals Limited, Kazipally
  • M/s Laurus Labs Limited, Parwada Unit
  • M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Automobile Division (from 2012 to till)
  • M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Farm Equipment Sector (from 2012 to till)
  • M/s Mylan Laboratories Limited, Jeedimetla Unit
  • M/s Mylan Laboratories Limited, Kazipally Unit
  • M/s Nosch Labs Limited, Kazipally Unit
  • M/s Pebs Pennar India Pvt Ltd, Sadasivapet
  • M/s Primal Health Care Limited, Digwal Unit
  • M/s SNF (India) Pvt Ltd, Vishakhapatnam
  • M/s Sri Bio Organics, Pashamylaram Unit
  • M/s Tempus Projects, Hyderabad
  • M/s The Global Green Pvt Ltd, Sangareddy
  • M/s Toshiba Transmissions Limited, Sanga Reddy Unit
  • M/s Vasanth Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Jeedimetla Unit
  • M/s Vegesana Laboratories Limited
  • M/s Vijetha Life Sciences Limited
  • M/s Vijayanagar Sugar Limited, Mundrangi Dist
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