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 is a leading industrial training institution and service provider in Occupational Safety &Health in the State of Telangana and erstwhile Andhra Pradesh.It was established in the year 2009, with a team of experts inthe area of Occupational safety and health.

Our Courses
  <a href="https://connectit.in/?fw-services=industrial-safety">INDUSTRIAL SAFETY  </a>

The industrial safety course offered by the Connect IT Solutions is a recognized statutory qualification for appointment of Safety Officers as per the Factories Act, 1948.

<a href="https://connectit.in/?fw-services=fire-and-safety-course">FIRE AND SAFETY COURSE   </a>

Firefighting is one of the hardest and
challenging fields. It is an imposing field as it deals with preserving of life of many people around.

 <a href="https://connectit.in/?fw-services=chemical-safety"> CHEMICAL SAFETY   </a>

Section 41C (b) of the Factories Act 1948 as amended in 1987 has imposed specific responsibilities on the occupier in relation to hazardous processes which states...

 <a href="https://connectit.in/?fw-services=construction-safety"> CONSTRUCTION SAFETY </a>

The risk of injuries in the construction industry is very high mainly because of the nature of the work carried out by different agencies employing largely unskilled workers.

Our Services

Comprehensive Safety Audits

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In Plant Trainings

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First Aid Training

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